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​All product development company related to engineering disciplines, need some form of technical documentation during the Product Development Life Cycle. Also, even after release of the product, the customers must be provided with relevant documentation for proper usage. During the maintenance phase of a product, the service engineer needs a complete set of documents to cater to the fault. A part of the success of any product lies with the technical documentation too. Since, all engineers involved in the product development need not be good in documentation, the role of a specific person called Technical Writer is unavoidable. VLS offers services in technical documentation, for all kinds of engineering companies. The VLS team, will be deployed at the shop-floor or research centre or any other appropriate locations, as per client need, for preparing the entire gamut of documents. These documents will be used in the post-design, pre-launch and post-launch phases of a product. Our team is well versed with various technical writing styles and standards adopted in various nation. The writers are also trained in common tools for documentation. Any client-specific tool, can also be used after proper analysis and on-job training. We follow the standard “Document Development Life Cycle (DDLC)”.